OLBC’s latest project, to help slow the deterioration of Lundy Island’s Scheduled monuments….

This time, funded by Historic England, two weeks’ work in the company of some very capable volunteers on the ruins of the Quarry Infirmary.

Our mission was to identify fallen stones, using drawings and photographs from the National Trust Archive, to reinstate, consolidate and repoint as much as time allowed.

Storm Callum did it’s worst, but our temporary camp survived as, thankfully, did the freshly repointed joints that took the brunt of the storm!

The positive identification and reinstatement of several quoin stones, have enabled us to position the final fallen East lintel, back in its original place.

Massive thanks to Mike, for his mastery with the tractor forks! To Chris, Dave, Greg and Cal for their great company and hard work! Also to Derek and the Island staff for making it all possible😀

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