Lundy Island’s Scheduled Monuments

OLBC’s latest project, to help slow the deterioration of Lundy Island’s Scheduled monuments…. This time, funded by Historic England, two weeks’ work in the company of some very capable volunteers on the ruins of the Quarry Infirmary. Our mission was to identify fallen stones, using drawings and photographs from the National Trust Archive, to reinstate,…

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Old Light Building Conservation Van Livery

New Van Livery!

A huge thanks to the team at More Creative Solutions, based in Launceston, for our new van graphics. We love how the new livery displays our brand, transforming our Ford van into a great advertising platform for our new business. If you see us out and about, give us a wave!

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Lundy Marisco Tavern restored by Old Light Building Conservation

Lundy Marisco Tavern

LUNDY MARISCO TAVERN One of our conservation projects on Lundy Island was the part re-pointing of Marisco Tavern, the island’s only pub. This was to prevent the water that was pouring in through the wall and roof. The building was originally the village stores built during the 1860’s, which today serves as a pub and…

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St John’s Valley Wall

Thanks to all the help we have had from our volunteers over three sessions, the wall at the top of St. John’s Valley is back up, complete with its crenellations again! With special thanks to Clare and Tara for their invaluable help with the final push this week. 30 Tonnes+ of stone and mortar are…

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Lundy Fog Battery Complex by Old Light Building Conservation

Lundy Fog Battery Complex

LUNDY FOG BATTERY COMPLEX We braved extreme weather to conserve the central stack of the cottages, taking on repair of the chimney stack in a project that significantly developed our conservation skills. The fog battery complex was constructed in 1863 to warn ships to steer clear of the island, due to the lighthouse often becoming obscured…

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Trerice restored by Old Light Building Conservation


TRERICE To preserve the charming interior of Trerice Manor, we carried out a chimney rebuild and applied traditional lime plaster to areas in need of a little TLC. Trerice is a charming Elizabethan manor in St. Newlyn East, Cornwall, which is currently managed by the National Trust. It boasts fine interiors and delightful gardens, and…

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